Friday, 5 April 2013

Dismantling an ego

So much of our work life like the rest of our lives revolve around our egos, which means we like things that make us seem important in the eyes of others. VIP entrance into a nightclub or access to the presidential box at any major sporting event merely adds to the level of self-importance. These trinkets of prestige are not important in themselves, but they do massage your sense of self-worth. They also position us above our equals, telling them we are far more equal than they are.

The same can be said of the workplace. We all have ornaments of prestige in the work place that raise us above the common proletariat. The company phone, the company lap tap, access to the company apartment, the corner office, reserved parking and the all too important executive credit card. These things may not be integral to the carrying out of our daily duties in the office, but there is little doubt it makes us feel very important. If you have been trying to get rid of your subordinate who has such perks, because you want to replace him or her with someone force frustration upon them by taking away their perks as a way to get rid of them.

Take away the credit card and explain a needs analysis was done and unfortunately the subordinate did not make the new criteria for people who need credit cards. The same can be done with VIP access at company events, they are relegated to operating outside the cordoned off area. Better yet: let them arrive at the event and get a third party to take their names off the list. There is no type of humiliation like public humiliation. The confiscation of phones, credit cards and laptops is a private agony that most will endure, but a public climb down is bound to force a resignation. Above all remove them from the inner circle of decision-making. The clipping of someone’s wings on non-performance related issues, sounds cruel and harsh, but if cannot get them on performance, then get them on ego.

Always remember who to put first:



  1. Absolutely fanTAS tic - I read them all. More, more, please.

  2. I was going to retire Chip, but I will carry on just for you.